Dutch Butterfly Crop Circle Mystery 2010: New Footage.
New non-revealing video footage has emerged intended as if to show the "making of" the Dutch Butterfly Crop Circle. Fact is that this short video merely suggests the "making of". It was broadcast on Dutch national TV by the "BNN" channel on Sunday the 10th of January 2010, during a trivial entertainment show: "try before you die". In the video I've added the complete item/footage as broadcast during the show. The length is about 6 minutes. No publicity/announcement was made before the broadcast of this short item. It has not received any additional attention by Dutch media. The BNN program schedule only briefly mentioned that one of the presenters, "Geraldine", "is going to make some crop circles". No other details were given. They never mention any date to when this "making of" allegedly took place? They aren't specific about any location? They do not even mention "xld-sign"? According to the show BNN was not involved with "the initiative".