FEMA - One Signature Away From Fascism: (2)
From the "Alternative Views" TV program in 1985: The United States can easily be turned into a fascist nation at the stroke of a pen under the provisions of the Federal Emergency Management Act. What is being planned is cloaked in secrecy, but what has been revealed is frightening: suspension of our Constitutional rights; arrest of political dissenters without habeas corpus; and concentration camps, designed to hold millions of people, which are being readied all over the U.S. No approval by congress or state or local government is necessary to execute the plan. Even local military or police authorities can declare martial law without consulting higher authority. Interviewed is investigator and author Chip Berlet. We also intersperse sections of past programs with experts who deal with the subject of planned public persecutions, past and present. Some of these experts include MIT's Noam Chomsky, University of Texas history professor Tom Philpott, former CIA officer John Stockwell, and congressmen Henry Gonzalez and Ron Paul.

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